Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Movie Review Style Guide: Play With Fire! (Not Literally)

Everyone loves a beautiful movie; the suspenseful or thoughtful story line, the heart wrenching actors and actresses, the beyond cool technical effects. Yet how many of us actually pay close attention to the detailing of the clothes? To some people, its just a tiny little background essential, like the water that drips from the fountain behind the main character. However, there are many of us fashion lovers, including me who look at the amazing stylistic elements that go into the wonderfully constructed designs and outfits worn by the actors and actresses. Well, here's my outlet. Let's talk style.

For those of you who haven't watched the new movie everyone is raving about, The Hunger Games, based on the action packed novel by Suzanne Collins, please go watch it. It's the first movie I have ever watched that is comparable to its book, and its exciting in every way. Not to mention the gorgeous, interesting outfits the characters wear! 

(Photo 1- Foxface) Lace and Aqua. What a refreshing mix! Not to mention, I love the texture of the skirt part. Cinderell-y meets teenage party girl. Nice. 

Photo 2 (To the Left) My absolute favorite. Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire. This dress is stunning! It mimics the cross between a mermaid's gown, with its scaly ruffles that sweep the floor, and a red hot chili pepper, well, because its... red. And hot. Who knew that net material could be so elegant? I love how its just lightly brushing her arm and peeking up on the top a little bit. It's like an accessory, better than any necklace in my opinion! 

All this glamour inspired me to find a red dress on my own! It's nothing compared to Katniss' dress, but it's pretty and affordable (somewhat.) Available on Macys.com Pretty red dress, ugly shoes.

 A lot of girls are afraid to wear red, because its such a daring and "out there" color. Don't be! It's okay to stand out once in awhile. Find a part of Katniss' dress that you like and look for a dress that has this characteristic. Maybe you're modest,and don't want to bare too much skin or curves in a dress. Copy Katniss' elegance by finding a floor length dress, one that is loose fitting and flowy. You don't have to flaunt to look hot, and Katniss proves it. Or, if you like the design of the dress, but think long dresses are too old fashioned, go ahead and find a cute and short red dress that has layers of crinkled cloth at the top instead, or is made out of the net like the piece at her shoulder. Simple could also work. Find a dress with a pretty little bow at the top, or a plain one shouldered piece. See how easy it is to copy someone's beautiful look and outfit without losing your own voice and style? Bring the fire, girls! 

Photo 3 (To the Right)- Reference for "how to look tomboyish and tough without looking like an actual boy." 
I love how the tight fit of the jacket and sleeves puts emphasis on the slightly puffed shoulders. So Queenish! Plus, the hairstyle is the type where your mouth opens wide in awe when you look at it. Gape worthy. I suck at hair, but somebody please do this, and tell me how it turned out? :)  

Picture 4-Random Couple from the futuristic world, Capitol. 
Picture 5- Effie Trinket 

The above two pictures show us the futuristic theme in the book so clearly! Looks like years from now, nobody will be afraid to display their true colors!! I adore it. I like to take risks with my outfits, as long as it still looks well put together and has a theme, like the fancy black and gold royalty color combo in picture 4, and the peacock theme in picture 5, in which all the colors blend together like a peacock itself. It's outrageous, but so fun and uplifting. There's a mix of  bright, daring colors from lime green to turquoise, sharp shapes like the bow in above picture 4, and Effie's puffy protruding sleeves in picture 5, and overall elaborate hairstyles and colorful makeup. From wearing a tie made out of roses to wearing loads of fabric such as an array of flowers that probably add up to the size of your head, these creative, innovative and unconventional outfits are likely to surprise you, wow you, and maybe impress you. Would you be ready for the future? All I  know is that if my ancestors are anything like me, they will be. Three thousand something, here they come! 

P.s. Anyone reminded slightly of Alice and Wonderland?

P.P.S. Please note that you if you are deathly afraid of change and "weirdness," not to worry, there's something for everyone. Notice that in picture 4 above, the couple is wearing traditional 50's classic outfits, like a simple cocktail dress, gloves and a tie, just with a modern twist of shapes. Perfect way of dressing in a new and refreshing way, without being a traitor to your old style. You can take this advice in anything you wear! Wear a classic purple blouse with a heavy beaded necklace, or your favorite cardigan with colored jeans. 

Now go watch this movie again. Appreciate the fashion. Again. Remember, make the Hunger Games your inspiration, and the odds will most definitely be in your favor. 

Be safe, don't burn up too much now! 

Love, Aliyah 

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