Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pattern me over: Stripes

Who doesn't love stripes? They're cute, versatile, and flatter any body or personality. Stripes can be thick, thin, different colors, squiggly or straight, casual, or dressy. It all depends on your tastes and preferences. 

I suppose I can answer that question. I used to hate stripes. I thought they were boyish, (I'm such a girly girl, sigh) and the lines used to blur into each other and make me dizzy, that is, until I got "prism" glasses to fix this little problem.(If you don't know what these are, look em up.) Who knew? 

Anyway, then I started to find stripe dresses that flared out at the bottom, striped tops with ruffles, and cute buttons. Then I made a 360 degree turn in my opinion. You guessed it, I love them! I was reading an article today about how stripes are making a grand entrance into the fashion world this Spring. Well, since stripes are so in, I thought I might share my favorite striped shirt. 

Pattern clashes suck, we all know that. Yet floral and stripe go so well together! I think it's the blue color in both the stripes and the floral part that ties it in. Also, the floral part flares out, while the stripe part is tight fitting. This contrast makes it okay. Imagine if both parts were just one on top of the other and tight all around, with nothing to separate them? Picture this in your head. Yuck, right? 

Some other striped styles I found that I may be wearing this year. 

Photo Source: From top, Me, - La vie petite blogchic chic bling blog, N/A

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