Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pearly Little Passion

So excited for my first post! I felt pearls would be an appropriate beginning, seeing as they make for the most classic, elegant, and sophisticated accessories possible. They seem so precious and pure, as though the greatest amount of dirt could not taint and destroy their glow. They're sweet and simple, but one drape of a pearl necklace could dress up an entire outfit, and transform it from a night out on the town dress into formal evening wear for a dinner. Pearls are a must have; always keep them at hand when you want to feel feminine and classy, or pretend you're a socialite from the Victorian Era. (Confession; I do this. Hey, don't judge,a girl can dream!)

Anyway, the pearls go so well with this gorgeous blouse!The softness of the pink complements the gentleness of the pearls. So, so pretty. Oh, and I adore lace. Lace and pearls. Victorian film waiting to happen. Also love the way there are layers of necklace. That is a must do! Don't overdo it though, remember less is more, and you don't want to mix two powerful things together-- a bright green dress and a pearl necklace both have bold statements to make, so you don't want layer upon layer of necklace with such a vibrant color.

Go girly and have fun! Sweet dreams.


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