Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Muse Diaries: Painted flowers

As if the natural, delightful color of flowers isn't good enough, someone had to go and experiment their art skills on this poor thing. Regardless, this flower is impeccably unique and gorgeous! The ruffled folds make for the coolest, most interesting petals I have ever seen.

For the record, I did not find these flowers and go and dress up to take the picture. The flowers and I must have had a "great minds think alike" slash "strangers destined to meet" moment, because when I woke up that morning, I just knew I had to wear my Urban Outfitters dress with the pastel purple and ridges, just like the flower probably woke up that morning thinking, "I'm going to be a strong, vibrant, purple thing today." (Okay, not really, but play with me and my imagination here for a second.)

Take Home Idea: Since this flower and I were so meant to be, I figured there had to be something to learn from it. Well, this flower inspired me to never be afraid of adding a little extra to your outfits, the way the color was added to this flower, no matter how nice it already is. You can sew on feathers to your cardigan, or pin an elaborate brooch on your blouse. You can even paint on beads for your purse. I would definitely use this flower and pin it onto a cream sweater or onto a solid colored headband. It's a good way to have a little fun, put your own special touch to your wardrobe, and change things up so you're not wearing the same old outfit. Find your own muse, and make art wherever you go! More DIY ideas to come, stay excited! 

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