Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Must Haves: Leather Gloves

Oh how I love unpredictable weather.(Sarcasm.) One moment, you're all bundled up in this warm jacket and boots as you watch your breath come out in tiny little clouds, the next you're walking around carrying 100 pounds-- that very same jacket slung over your arms, screaming to take those socks off, and your face flushed pink from the bright sun. 

To avoid this situation, I like to find pieces of clothing that are warm enough to protect you from the relentless wind, but light enough to carry around with you when the sun wins that hide and seek game, and takes the place of your jacket in keeping you warm, too warm! My favorite; gloves. They keep your fingers all cozy, but are so cute and tiny, you can stuff 'em in your purse when it gets too hot. Only problem is gloves make me feel a little silly sometimes, they can be so childlike. This is where leather gloves come into place. They're beautiful, sophisticated, and leather is definitely one of those quality things that really does the job. 
Shiny leather gloves. Love how they're open in the front, I can even do my nails! The  dress is gorgeous too by the way, keeping the ruffles on one shoulder gives them more emphasis.

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