Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Coffee break: Almond Latte Sprinkled With Sunshine

Long time no talk, readers! I apologize for the lack of posts the past few days, but this weather truly made me lazy. It's beautiful out! A little bit about my weekend:

Saturday: It was one of those days; one of those Spring days, the kind where all you want to do is lounge under the soft, golden sunshine without a care, indulging in some delectable treats, while you match the nature around you. The kind of day you simply can't miss out on, so I gathered my favorite floral dress, my favorite tall black leather boots, because I can't live without my boots, no matter what the weather,  and a floating heart to search for a yummy vegan dessert-- no I am not a health nut, but I am, unfortunately, allergic to milk.

My first thought went to Whole Foods; if you're looking for vegan and healthy food and desserts, this is your place to go, but then we came across this cute little shop I've been to some years ago, Victoria Pastry. They have all kinds of dainty little desserts; pastries, croissants, biscotti, cookies, even Gelato ice cream. Of course, none of it was vegan or milk free, and I was super sad, but then, guess what I discovered they had? An almond milk option for coffee! Most cafes and coffee shops have soy milk, but you know what sucks? I'm allergic to soy too! So when I heard about the almond milk coffee, I was ecstatic. Found a nice little fountain to sit by, while I sipped my latte. It was delicious; with a rich but sweet coffee flavor. Definitely was not as creamy as coffee with regular milk, but the almond milk gave it this really yummy vanilla flavor and made it light and airy.

Perfect way to complete the day, shopping at one of my favorite stores (not embarrassed to admit it), Forever 21. Found the prettiest deep purple dress. Pictures to come later, maybe. 

Oh, and I totally matched the scenery everywhere I went! Blue skies, peach flowers, red roses. Hello, Springtime!

Sunday: To spare you the sight of me sitting on the couch in my sweatpants, I'll skip this day. You get the idea.

Monday: Skipped work, mini vacay in the backyard. This photo explains it all.

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