Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Candlelit Muses

Wednesday evening, homework night. I sat curled up on the couch in the comfort of my home, planning out a little activity for my students the next day. The heater blew delicate puffs of air around me as I typed away carelessly on my conveniently accessible laptop with my precious little Iphone next to me within a pinky finger's reach. Suddenly, the lights I had forgotten were even on, began to flicker ever so slightly, and then before I could open my mouth to say "hey!" the entire room went black, the hot air spiraled out of sync, and my 20 going on 21 percent battery backtracked within itself to 19 percent.
I could not hide my disappointment. You see, power outages are rare in California, often unexpected, and my homework just had to get done. I grumbled all the way upstairs while I rummaged around in the drawer I could hardly see, looking for candles to light.

I had forgotten just how beautiful lanterns are when they are lit. The vivid tangle of orange and purple colors danced in front of my eyes, illuminating the room, splashing it with decorative decorum. All other matters forgotten, I gazed into the light, mesmerized, and my thoughts began to wander. I thought about how blessed I am to have moments of contentedness, moments of sweet serenity. I thought about how even through my slow shivers, and the blackened hour, a bright light still fills my home. 

I was reminded that this lack of electricity and warmth is simply a short lived nuisance for me, but for many others less fortunate, it is a recurring occurrence, their lives plagued by dark cold nights, as they struggle to provide food, comfort, and health to their families. 

Once the  candlelight dwindles out, and the power ignites once more, I will have my laptop and my Iphone, the heater and the daily lights, the food on the stove. I pray for those that don't have the same comfort and ease; pray that God grants them patience and relief. I pray that He gives me the ability to lose my dependence on all things material so that I may understand that true happiness lies away from these. I pray that He gives me the ability to always be thankful and appreciate what I have, for others would do anything to be in my place. 

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