Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Seasonspiration: Springtime!

Hey pretty people, spring is here! This is one of my many posts about Spring art. I truly think this season is one of the most inspirational; art is everywhere, the way the flowers bloom in vibrant hues that splash together, and how the sun sets a warm golden glow upon us. Everything is bright, fresh, and so full of life and beauty. Here are a few outfits I absolutely love that can help us suit the mood and be as vivacious as Spring. Don't be afraid to pair two unlikely colors together. Careful though, you don't want it to be too tacky. Here's a few ideas of colors that work well together:

Remember to tie in your colors with an accessory or at least one thing that complements both. Purse with both colors like above, or a neutral like the photo below.

Christian Siliano, Fashion Week Spring 2012. RTW

Photo Source: From top, Urban minx, Left-, Right- riches for rag nymag 

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