Thursday, August 9, 2012

Style Icon: Miss Peacock

It flashes in my mind like it was yesterday; the thick heavy clouds hanging 
over my window and splashing rain onto the unsuspecting glass, the dimmed lights, 
the irresistible buttery smell of the most unhealthy snack ever to have existed,
 the hungry and restless siblings, and of course, our only cure to boredom, 
my favorite board game, Clue. Somehow the way the world always seemed
 so hushed on those dark, rainy days seemed to heighten the intrigue and suspense 
that bubbled inside me from this game of detective delight, where nothing is certain, 
and nobody is your friend.

 Something I've learned over the years is that mystery is beautiful. It keeps us
 guarded, protected, and it constantly allows the people around us to long to
speak with us more and more, enveloped in excitement and interest. Maybe this is
 why I loved the character Miss Peacock so much, and always wanted her
game piece to be mine. I love how her deep, bold eyes are veiled ever so
slightly by a delicate piece of cloth. Not only that, but I loved the way she's
 always dressed so elegantly, with dark polished blue, and pretty little feathers. 

One fine evening, I....

created a way to embody Miss Peacock in your everyday wear; substitute her elaborate feathered headpiece for a hat or a pair of earrings that incorporate all the right elements like lace, feathers, ribbon. Spark the mystery by mixing a little edgy with the sophistication, with your blacks and your suedes. Don't forget though, Miss Peacock is all about that blue! I loved this top from Mango, because it's so darling and cocktail, but reveals no secrets. Now all we need to do is  hope our stylin' inspiration lady's secrets don't involve a murder weapon!

One fine evening, I.... by aliyahn featuring lace up bootsMango long sleeve blouse, $67 / Black skinny jeans / Lace up boots / Oasis suede clutch, $50 / River Island drop earrings, $9.38 / LK Designs leather jewelry, $120 / Top hat, $21 / VINTAGE TRUNK | casegoods & tables | FLEA 

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