Monday, August 13, 2012

Diaries of an Optimist: Love to be "You"

We all have those little, overcritical thoughts that grip themselves onto our minds and yell at us, and then we wish we had never made that joke nobody laughed at a couple of hours ago, or we wonder why our voices spoke and embarrassed us before our minds could approve. We regret that we couldn't be just a little more witty, or just a little more poised.

Kill those poisonous thoughts. Don't waste your time impressing others; the harder you try, the more you subconsciously change, and lose yourself in the process. The people who are worth your time, efforts and friendship will appreciate you, regardless of what you say or do.

Your personalities, brains, and hearts have given you so much strength, success, and beauty in unique ways. You have made such a positive impact on so many around you, whether it was the moment you walked off that stage during graduation, the old woman who's day was made so much lighter and happier when you smiled at her, or the way you laughed telling stories on the phone to the friend who called you crying a couple hours earlier. So why should anyone else's opinion or dismissal make you forget all of that?

You should not have to mold yourself to become what you think other people will like, Allah (God) has made you "you" for a reason, and if not even a single person would understand that, Allah would, and that is all that matters.

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